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Math Games

The whole history of mathematics is interwoven with mathematical games and puzzles which have led to the study of many areas of mathematics. Number games, geometrical puzzles and match puzzles are among the best known types. Mathematical puzzles vary from the simple to deep problems which are still not completely solved.

Our math games are anything but boring. Try the classic Tangram and magic squares, you’ll understand from the two Chinese-originated games how the Chinese have world-renowned reputation to be good at math.

Either to play alone or to have partners, the math puzzles are captivating not only for the kids but also for adults.

I.Q. 955
12.5x12.5x3.5 -
I.Q. 956
Pocket Tangram
8x8x2 - 0.09
I.Q. 965
Throw the Dices-yatzi
10.5x11x3 - 0.1
I.Q. 952
Pentomino Chess Puzzle
13x13x2.5 - 0.3
I.Q. 950
Square Puzzle-60
Pento puz.
15.5x15.5x3.5 -
I.Q. 951
Double Square Puzzle 2m
10.5x12x4.5 - 0
I.Q. 960
Building Cubes
I.Q. 962
Shut the Box
9x30x2 - 0.32
I.Q. 963
I.Q. 964
Shut the Box (M)
I.Q. 958
Triangle Bands Game
14x14x5 - 0.27
I.Q. 957
Match 15
12x12x5 - 0.21
I.Q. 961
26 Puzzle
11x11x3.5 - 0.1
I.Q. 954
Magic Squares
9x14x3 - 0.15
I.Q. 959
Triangle 3D puzzle
I.Q. 967
The Box Puzzle
Match 15 -New Design
Nim 37
Match 25
Guess My Number
4 x 11 x 3.5
I.Q. 308
Five Different
11x11x3.5 - 0.1
I.Q. 999A
14x14x3.5 - 0.2
I.Q. 9999
Killer Soduko
I.Q. 99
Soduko Kid